about the series

Encounter is a new 5-part original web video series, featuring top ufologists interviewed in a closed door, one-to-one setting.

As documentary filmmakers we wanted to know more about who these experts were, where they really stand, and why they have knowingly dedicated their lives to a field of study generally derided by mainstream science.

about the interviews

Interviews for the series were filmed in a candid, open format, allowing each ufologist the opportunity to speak more freely and express ideas— a format rarely afforded to people in the field.

Too often they are reduced to sound bites in film and television used to fit a narrative they may not support.

where to get it

We hope you purchase the series to support it— we'd like to interview more experts in the field, and are exploring ideas for a feature-length film.

High-quality purchase (or rental) of the series can de done through Vimeo on Demand, and watched virtually everywhere.